Jill Carver Workshop – September 2019

Jill Carver Workshop

We are so pleased to have Jill Carver back in Sun Valley for another fabulous painting workshop this year!  Workshop dates are September 23-27, 2019


‘Focus on Design’

Outdoors Oil Landscape Painting Class

5 days outdoors, plus two evenings

Advanced beginner to advanced students

September 23 – September 27, 2019


Location: Sun Valley, Idaho

Class maximum: 15 students

Fee: $725


Workshop Information

Though we will be working outdoors in the beautiful environs of Sun Valley, Idaho, this workshop will introduce principles and ideas that are as important to studio work as they are to plein-air work. (Days will start with a short lecture inside followed by the rest of the day outside).


This class is about expanding the means by which we analyze a scene in order to create more thoughtful, and therefore more effective, paintings.


Though ideally suited for those students that have taken a workshop from Jill Carver before, this class is open to artists at the Advanced Beginner to Advanced level, who regularly work direct from nature, but are also practiced studio painters. It’s designed for committed artists who practice their craft regularly but want to take their work and their thought process to the next level.


Focusing on design specifically, we will:

  • Discuss the different notions of motif and focal point;
  • Discuss different underlying compositional structures, including the principles of thirds, golden mean and dynamic symmetry;
  • Discuss the placement of focal points and how best to manage the viewers’ eye movement;
  • Discuss design in terms of color use and management;
  • Deconstruct our composition into manageable components by focusing on Notan to establish an effective dark/light pattern;
  • Design using 4-5 big shapes; and
  • Manage and/or manipulate values into distinct groups to support the motif.


During the workshop there will be demos as well as group critiques and discussions. There will also be optional evening get-togethers for dinner, and two official evenings, including a reception at Wood River Fine Arts Gallery and a dinner and slide show at the studio.


Registration Instructions

Please email Sherri Carter at sunvalleyworkshops@gmail.comto make sure there is space available and obtain registration instructions.

Once space is confirmed by return email, a deposit of $400.00 is due to secure your space; the balance of $325.00 is due on or before July 8, 2019.


Please do not book your hotel or flights until you receive a confirmation that the class has been filled. You will also receive hotel, travel information, and a materials list at this time. Students must have their own transportation to and from the studio meeting space and the various painting locations.


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel prior to July 22, 2019, there is a $150 cancellation fee.

If you cancel on or after July 22, 2019, sorry there are no refunds.


Jill Carver Bio

In 2014, Jill won the Gold Medal (Artists’ Choice) for Best in Show at Maynard Dixon Country and in the same year was inaugurated as Signature Member in ‘Plein Air Painters of America’; she currently serves on the board.  Previously, she won numerous awards including: ‘Artists Choice’ at the Laguna Beach Invitational in 2009; at Telluride, also in 2009; and, at Plein Air Easton in 2008. She participated in the highly regarded Coors show in 2016 and 2017, and was invited as Guest Artist at Bighorn Rendezvous show in 2016 and 2018.  She is a popular and highly regarded teacher.


Sun Valley is spectacular in the fall and this workshop will be a wonderful experience for those who attend.  For more information about Jill, please click on the link below to visit her website.



I hope you will join us!


Sherri Carter

Workshop Coordinator



G. Russell Case – Workshop

Wood River Fine Arts is pleased to sponsor G. Russell Case for a plein air painting workshop August 1-4, 2017.

This three and a half-day workshop will cover a variety of topics to prepare artists who want to

explore painting outside. Having the right equipment and knowing how and where to set up

makes the process more enjoyable and effective. Russell Case will review his experiences with

equipment, field studies and some of the business aspects of painting for a livelihood.

This class will meet at a variety of locations to paint during the workshop. He will focus mainly on

looking for simple compositional ideas to be communicated on small size canvases for use later in the studio, or for simply the practice of seeing natural color and value from life.


Workshop Fee is $675


Please contact Kathy Marsh Riedinger to reserve a spot. Please mail a $300 deposit check

payable to Kathryn Riedinger at PO Box 6388, Ketchum, ID 83340 after email confirmation.

Kathryn Riedinger Fine Art



Matt Smith Workshop

Wood River Fine Arts is pleased to host a four-day plein air painting workshop with renowned artist Matt Smith.  Matt is highly respected by his peers who count him among the best of today’s great landscape artists.

“Outdoor Landscape Painting, The Fundamentals Applied to Organic Form”
Wood River Workshops/Sun Valley, Idaho
Cost: $725
This class will begin with an indoor lecture on the first morning. We will discuss the fundamentals of sound painting, drawing, value, design and color and how they relate to our chosen subject, the landscape. This is the information that is invaluable when it comes to analyzing our subject so we can then come up with a strategy to construct our painting. It is the information we all need BEFORE we venture into the field. After the lecture, we will spend the rest of our time painting in the field. Expect daily demos and personal attention.

This workshop will sell out quickly with a limited class size, so please email Kathryn Riedinger at

Kathryn Riedinger Fine Art
(303) 809-9425

To reserve please send $300 deposit or the full amount – check payable to Kathryn Riedinger.

Mail to:

Jill Carver Workshop

Jill Carver will present an upcoming workshop “A Broader Approach To Landscape Painting Outdoors.” Dates for the workshop are June 21-24, 2017.

‘A Broader Approach to Landscape Painting Outdoors’

Hosted by Wood River Fine Arts

 Oil Landscape Painting Class

4 days outdoors, plus two evenings

Intermediate to Advanced


Class max: 15 students

This 4 day workshop will examine why observation and study direct from nature is so crucial in our development as artists. However, it will endeavor to put ‘plein air painting’ ‘back in its rightful context, i.e. that plein-air painting is NOT necessarily about producing a ‘finished’ product onsite every time, but, more than anything else, is about ‘learning to see’, gathering ideas, and being a dedicated student of nature.

We will be ‘deconstructing’ the landscape into manageable components using various themed exercises: notan studies; manipulating multiple values into 3, 4 or 5 distinct value ‘groups’; reducing the landscape into 4-5 big abstract shapes and NOT ‘naming’ objects; analyzing the landscape in terms of gathering accurate color notes only; ‘motif’ brainstorming; design variations.

NB: these exercises will as relevant to studio work as to plein air work.

There will be a demos as well as group critiques and discussions.

Your tuition fee also includes two evening events:

1)   Reception at Wood River Fine Arts Gallery

2)   Dinner and slide show – your fee includes the cost of your dinner.


We are expecting this class to be oversubscribed; so we will select students, based on ability and common objectives/goals, to form a coherent group to maximize the learning experience for all.  It will be best suited to those who have both ‘plein air’ and studio oil painting experience. It is aimed at intermediate through to the professional level student – i.e. those who regularly paint and wish to take their work (both plein air and studio) to the next level.

G. Russell Case

Art of the West Magazine recently featured gallery artist G. Russell Case on the cover of its May/June issue. Below is the link to the magazine’s article on the artist titled “Balancing Art and Life” by Mary Nelson.   CaseGRussellMJ17WebReprint

“Dancing Skies – New Works by G. Russell Case” will open with an artist’s reception on August 4th at 5:00 PM at our Ketchum gallery located at 360 East Avenue.


Western Art Collector – Jim Morgan

Wood River Fine Arts is pleased to present works by nationally renowned wildlife artist Jim Morgan. John Geraghty wrote of Jim in the May issue of Western Art Collector, calling him an “artist’s artist of national acclaim”. “Jim Morgan is one the finest wildlife painters working today”, states gallery owner Tom Bassett. “He is a master of design, weaving beautiful abstract shapes and brushstrokes within a traditional realist foundation. His designs stem from his complete knowledge of his subject. Jim is a passionate and accurate observer, he delights in all things in the natural world.” As friend and fellow artist Walter Matia says, “artists are just better at seeing than other people”, and Jim epitomizes that statement“. “One of our favorite experiences with Jim was having the chance to go bird watching with the artist on the Bear River near his home in Mendon, Utah. His knowledge of the birds and their habitat is remarkable, he is as much a naturalist as he is an artist. “ says Bassett. “It is a privilege to represent Jim and we are excited for the spring feature”.

Wood River Fine Arts will feature the artist’s work from June 15 – July 4th, 2015.
For more information visit www.woodriverfinearts.com.
Read more by clicking link below.
James Morgan_PRE

Russell Case Show

Wood River Fine Arts in Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho will host its first one-man show for G. Russell Case, opening with an Artist’s Reception on March 14 and continuing through March 31. “We’ve always been drawn to the honesty of Russell’s artistic vision, to the freshness and simplicity of his design,” says owner Tom Bassett about welcoming Case to the gallery in Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho. “In these new works, Russell takes us from the Canyon Lands of his native Utah to the Rocky Mountain Sawtooths here in our own backyard.”   For more information visit www.woodriverfinearts.com.

Link to Russell’s Work: 

G. Russell Case – Western Art Collector March ’15