Matt Smith Workshop

Wood River Fine Arts is pleased to host a four-day plein air painting workshop with renowned artist Matt Smith.  Matt is highly respected by his peers who count him among the best of today’s great landscape artists.

“Outdoor Landscape Painting, The Fundamentals Applied to Organic Form”
Wood River Workshops/Sun Valley, Idaho
Cost: $725
This class will begin with an indoor lecture on the first morning. We will discuss the fundamentals of sound painting, drawing, value, design and color and how they relate to our chosen subject, the landscape. This is the information that is invaluable when it comes to analyzing our subject so we can then come up with a strategy to construct our painting. It is the information we all need BEFORE we venture into the field. After the lecture, we will spend the rest of our time painting in the field. Expect daily demos and personal attention.

This workshop will sell out quickly with a limited class size, so please email Kathryn Riedinger at

Kathryn Riedinger Fine Art
(303) 809-9425

To reserve please send $300 deposit or the full amount – check payable to Kathryn Riedinger.

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