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Stephanie Revennaugh



Stephanie Revennaugh’s award winning sculpture is a delight to both horse lovers and art collectors alike. A lifelong love affair with horses has taught Stephanie well the equine anatomy. Early dreams of riding through children’s books, countless hours rendering their form, Clipper her first pony, showing jumpers in South America and managing a dressage barn in Colorado have given Stephanie a deep understanding of her motif.

She studied painting for three years in Colorado, Arizona and Aix-en-Provence, France. A 2010 class at the Scottsdale Artist’s School , and has refined her craft in her studio in Montana.

Revennaugh currently works out of her studio in Livingston, Montana and will be showing in galleries this year in Jackson Hole, WY; Santa Fe, NM; Austin, TX and Ketchum, ID. In addition, her work will be featured in the Ex Arte Equinus VI Book as well as in Art Horse Magazine.

There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them.

-Honorable Charles D Gill

I model form because it is the most natural way for me to express an idea or feeling. I model the horse because its form has been imprinted into my consciousness through long hours of interaction, focused observation and drawing. While I am fascinated with the beauty and elegance of equine design, it is the sensitive spirit of the horse which invites exploration of more abstract deeper meanings.

As my work progresses I am interested in experimenting with unconventional materials and working on a larger scale. Master sculptors of the past Antoine-Louis Barye and Rembrandt Bugatti as well as contemporary artists Deborah Butterfield, George Carlson and Dylan Lewis have influenced me to blend traditional and contemporary elements in a remix that is uniquely my own.

The enduring form of the horse is the vehicle that connects my work to ancient history, modern life and on to a place in the future.