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Kathryn Stats


Kathryn has developed a keen eye for the landscape and nature. She wandered the Utah countryside on her horse until her early twenties. She studied with artists in the Salt Lake City area on a continuous basis for approximately 20 years and continues to study books on color and landscape painting including Plein Air California Painters, Taos painters, Carlson’s Guide to Landscape painting and the Russian masters, favoring Vasily Polenov. She also continues to be influenced by other gifted artists including Edgar Payne, Clyde Aspevig, Scott Christensen, Hanson Puthuff, James Reynolds, Matt Smith and Ray Roberts. Kathryn started out by painting familiar rural landscapes of her childhood, but curious about new subject matter, she began to make road trips to Southern Utah, becoming more and more enthralled with the powerful red rock formations. Her work is very much her own not really echoing the styles of any of the painters with whom she has studied. Although her red rock paintings remain among her most coveted compositions, collectors seem to respond positively to any subject she paints. She has traveled to and painted the coastal areas of California and Oregon as well as locations in Alaska, Russia, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. She states “I try not to get too comfortable working in a particular size or subject matter because I feel that comfort leads to staleness. For this reason, I’m always looking for fresh territory.” The Arizona Republic writes, “Kathryn Stats is a Utah artist whose best landscapes are a complete pleasure. The paint in them is given over to the subject and you know that Stats doesn’t feel the need for any gimmicks to get her point across. Direct, honest, and sensuous, these are the work of a genuine painter.” Exhibitions: * Maynard Dixon Country Invitational, Mt. Carmel, UT * Spring Festival – All Gallery Exhibit featuring Kathryn Stats, Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas * 2011Wide Skies – Recent Art of the Americn West – Beijing China 2007 * International Masters of Fine Art – Greenhouse Gallery of Fine ArtSan Antonio, Texas 2006 * Solo Exhibition Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas * 2005 * American Academy of Women Artists- 2004Rising Stars Juried Invitational, Wickenburg, Arizona 2002 * Deseret News Art Show 1983-2000 * Utah Days of 47 Invitational, Salt Lake City, UT/Featured Artist 2002 1999-2002 * Zions Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah 1998-2001 * Long Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona 1998-2002 * American Academy of Women Artists – Merrill Johnson Gallery, Denver, CO 2001 * Invitation to Le Conte Stewart Festival, Bountiful, UTSpringville Annual April Salon, Springville 1983-2002 * Plein Air Painters of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT * Springville Women’s Show Invitational * First Central Utah Regional Art Show(Invitational) Utah State University * Dixie State College Invitational * Denver 8 State Wide “Art Zone” Awards: * Maynard Dixon Country 2012, Mt. Carmel, Utah – Popular Choice Award * Cowgirl Up, Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenberg, AZ, Artists’ Choice Award 2011 * Permanent Collection of the International Museum of Contemporary Masters, Purchase Award, International Masters of Fine Art 2006 * Edith Hamlin Award, Maynard Dixon Country 2006 * Horizon Gallery, Jackson, WY/Artist’s Choice Award 2004 * Horizon Gallery, Jackson, WY/Award of Excellence 2004 * Purchase and Merit Award Springville Museum of Art April Salon 2003 * Rising Stars Juried Invitational, Wickenburg, Arizona People’s Choice Award 2002 * Maynard Dixon Country Invitational, Mt. Carmel, UT/Best Oil 2002 * Deseret News Art Show, Purchase Awards 1983 & 2000 * Merrill Johnson Gallery, Denver/People’s Choice Award 2001 Publications: * Plein Air Magazine/Winter 2011,”Lucky to be Outdoors Artists Profile * Art of the West March/April 09, “Sparkling Colors, Dancing Light”By Myrna Zanetell * Fine Art Connoisseur, April 2006, “Radiant Joy”, Feature Article. * American Art Collector, April 2006 Artist Profile in Artist Previews Section. * Southwest Art, July 2005, “Looking East at Sunset” Feature Article * Southwest Art, “Red Rocks & Rockies: Painting Utah, November 2003 * Utah Art/Artists, 150 Year Survey * Artist to Watch, Art Talk Magazine * Utah Holiday Magazine * Southwest Art Magazine * Artists of Utah * Utah Painting and Sculpture * Utah Profile 1991-1992 Art Affiliations: * Charter member of Plein Air Painters of Utah One of the Hundred “Most Honored Artists of Utah” by Springville Museum of Art